This is our promise as a honest and sincere professionals.
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Aidwiz's Promise
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Aidwiz's Promise
We promise to offer our candidates* and clients the following services:
to Candidate
1 [Career Consultation]
We promise that we will offer a tailored career consultation to guide each candidate through how they should develop his/her career to self-actualize and realize their dreams.
2 [Honesty and Sincerity]
We promise that we will provide our clients'* information as honestly and objectively as possible although there are good things and bad things about any clients.
3 [Qualified Clients]
We promise that we will make full use of our know-how to find the most potential client for our precious candidates.
to Client
1 [Highly-qualified Personne]
We promise that our experienced consultants* will search talented personnel, considering not only the client's specification, but also the candidate's personality and the chemistry with your corporate culture.
2 [Professional Work]
We promise that we will introduce qualified personnel that best match your needs as quickly as possible. However, it might vary depending on contract type. The fact that most clients will become repeat customers can prove our high client satisfaction.
3 [High Retention]
We promise that we will introduce our candidates not by a simple matching but with a deep consideration of candidateˇÕs desire. Thereby, our candidates can succeed in realizing their dreams after the new hires, which will result in a high retention of employment. This has been proved by our historical successes.
A prospective new employee whom will be introduced to our clients. Counterpart to "Client."
A company or a customer who would like to recruit top-class personnel.
A professional staff member who manages clients and candidates.
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