We will follow up candidates after they join our clients.
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Search Flow
1. Meeting With The Client
We understand the client's* corporate profile and identify their hiring needs. We discuss the human capital requirements to confirm the position specifications including skill, job experience, age, compensation and so on.
2. Contract Conclusion
Prior to the search, we draw up a contract in writing with the client regarding contract type, consulting fee, expenses, payment terms and so on.
3. Searching For Candidates
The consultant in charge of the client teams up with our researchers (specialized research staff) and starts searching for candidates* based on the job specification and the targeted profile.
4. Interview With Candidates
Our consultants* conduct one-on-one interviews with those candidates who are considered to be highly appropriate for the client's needs. The consultants assess the appropriateness of the candidate while considering his/her career needs. When the candidate is considered to be optimal, the consultant introduces and explains the opportunity to work for the client.
5. Introducing The Candidates
Based on the candidate's agreement, we submit the candidate's resume to the client with the consultant's reference letter.
6. Client Interview (typically, two to three sessions)
We arrange the client interviews with the candidate. The consultants will attend the interview based on the client's request.
7. Making A Signed Offer-letter (Official Job Offer Letter)
We advise the client about the condition of employment such as compensation, position description, hire date and so on to finalize the offer-letter, while we help the candidate sign the offer. Then, we assist the candidate with the following procedures to have him/her come on board.
8. Follow Up After The Hire
About a month after the candidate is hired, we set up a meeting with the candidate for a before-after comparison and we follow up on any problems immediately.
A company or a customer who would like to recruit top-class personnel.
A prospective new employee whom will be introduced to our clients. Counterpart to "Client."
A professional staff member who manages clients and candidates.
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